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STILL TAKING A BREAK! ! Well, it’s not a surprise that I have been off the drum seat for a while. Focusing on family and other business opportunities basically took a toll on the gig calendar. HOWEVER... this is not planned to be a permanent thing. With life finally resembling some sort of normalcy and the new company starting to become self-sustaining, I am starting to break out the sticks and practice pads again. .

To let you know why the furlough from drumming, I launched a company in the tradeshow and conference world; a company that is focused on creating events that make a difference in communities and help improve people's lives. The company - Perfect World, Inc. We have launched the Emergency Management Leaders Conference together with 2 of the largest associations serving emergency management, as well as FEMA. The goal is to create a policy conference where current events are analyzed, best practices identified and policy is modified to better serve when future catastrophic events occur. We are excited about this program and believe we can actually make a difference. It will be June 12 - 13, 2018 at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.

Another program we are working on is the National Sports Ethics and Safety Pro-Am Conference; an event designed to review ethics and safety policies at all levels of sports (from youth through collegiate) in a top-down environment,. Panels and plenary sessions are created in a town-hall environment where discussions take place regarding current events and pressing issues facing children and youth in sports. The panels and discussions are led by representatives of the highest levels in sports to an audience of athletic directors,, coaches, officials , park directors, county sports commissions, and all other parties involved in creating the safe sports environment for our kids. These sessions have he purpose of establishing best practices and policies that should be implemented at youth, public programs, middle school, high school and collegiate programs. We are working with players associations and league officials from the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL to make this conference program a reality. Though there is much work to do, we believe this conference can be in play by the spring of 2019.

As you can see, the MOUTON calendar is quite full with other commitments. BUT as noted, these commitments are starting to become self-sustaining to a degree that should free up time for a few gigs from time to time. Soooo, keep an eye on the schedule and sign up for the email list. I will issue updates when warranted.

As always... a huge shout to John Messerschmidt at Yamaha. I love being in the Yamaha family! It just doesn’t get any better than playing Yamaha drums. My Absolute Maple Custom Kit is amazing. I will be bringing a new Birch kit to the family soon. Hit me up at a show and I can talk more about Yamaha Drums with you. They just don’t make drums any better than this. Check out the latest from YAMAHA DRUMS online: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/drums/

See ya’ at the GIGS!!!!

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